Yoga Hacks: De-stress for EXAM Success! (Highschool/College/Uni Students)


Yoga Hacks:  De-Stress for Exam Success – for Highschool, College and University Students

Thursday June 9th:  7:30-8:30 pm

Our Soul Centre – 62 South Street, Goderich

1 hr workshop – $10  (scholarships available if finances are an issue)


Imagine going into your final exams feeling confident, calm and stress-free…YES – it IS possible!

In this one-hour workshop, learn simple yoga hacks, based on yoga breaths, meditations, and easy poses, that take only minutes to perform to help you:

  • Improve your study habits to both retain more information while studying, and require less study time
  • Calm and focus a busy, worried, anxious, racing mind, and/or upset stomach – pre-exam time
  • Improve your memory recall during exam writing
  • Help improve your sleep habits, and/or ‘make up’ for lack of sleep during stressful times

Come learn how to DE-STRESS for EXAM SUCCESS!


Pre-registration required.  Deadline:  Monday June 6th.

To register, contact Shannon Rose Scott at