I’ve got a Classroom! – Yoga in the Schools

I am thrilled to be focusing my efforts this Fall, on bringing my Yoga in the Schools program to two different schools this year within the Avon-Maitland School District – Elma Township (Neury), and Ann Hathaway (Stratford).

Both schools have hired me for the FULL 24 day program, which includes 4 classes a day, with 4 different groups of students, who will remain in the program for the full 24 days.  Although I have led this program with full class sizes, which is a great way to offer a more gym-based, physical emphasis version of the program, I am very pleased to announce that both schools have decided to go with a more MENTAL HEALTH BASED approach, and we have limited the groups to just 8 students per class, picking students who are at most risk with depression, anxiety, aggression, and addiction.  These students will receive the Social-Emotional skills version of the program which uses yoga and expressive arts activities to improve mental/emotional health, as well as physical.  The program I have developed incorporates both the Kripalu Yoga in the Schools Curriculum, as well as the Grounded Yoga in the Classroom Curriculum – both AMAZING programs that have been tested and scientifically studied by groups such as Harvard University and others.  I have also added my own specific flair to the program, by adapting Expressive Arts Therapeutic Activities and evidence-based Child and Youth Work techniques to the program to bring an even deeper experiential learning approach to the process.

Although I first got into yoga for the physical benefits, it was the mental/emotional benefits that kept me coming back to the practice, and so I am deeply honoured to have this opportunity to share the benefits of yoga to CHILDREN and YOUTH.  Children and youth still have an opportunity to learn skills of prevention – and this truly excites me!  Imagine how our lives may have been different had we learned yoga and meditation skills early on?

Check out these pictures below of my new classroom at Elma Township Public School, and stay tuned for further updates.   In the meantime, interested in helping out?  My Yoga in the School Program needs your support!   Donations are needed to complete our Class material requirements of yoga mats, blocks, bolsters, and blankets.  Contact me if you can help!  Or, if you are a donor and have an organization in mind (school, mental health agency, hospital, or other community centre) that would benefit from this program, contact me for information on sponsorship!