Yoga in the Schools update:

6 days into the 24 day program – SO MANY things to CELEBRATE!

After only 3 days, almost 90% of the participants were already reporting using yoga at home and at school outside of class!  For example, many students shared they had taken the pose stickers home (I’ve got these really cool yoga stickers from the Grounded Yoga Program!), stuck them up beside their bed so it was the first thing they saw when they woke up, and were then using the yoga pose to start their day.  How cool is that?!   SG9_Down_Dog_big

One of the main teachings in this program is that there is no such thing as bad emotions – that anger, sadness, even nervousness, all have their purpose, and we can learn how to feel, tolerate, and then transform these more uncomfortable emotions into more comfortable ones.  It is so interesting for me to see how the students received this information.  At first they were ANGRY!  “Yes, some emotions are bad Miss Shannon!  Its bad to be angry – its bad for your health!”  But then, they became so excited about the idea that it wasn’t the ANGER that is the issue, but some of the ways people express their anger.  That it was ‘ok’ to feel angry, or sad, or any of our human emotions!  We had some students away sick that missed this lesson, so when they returned, I asked those who had been present to share the main insight they’d had, and the students enthusiastically chimed in to say, “there is no such thing as a bad emotion – its ok to feel them all!” – with such huge smiling faces and such excitement in their voice – it was so beautiful to see!   Isn’t it amazing though, that even by grade 8, there are many people who have not yet heard this teaching?  Although steadily improving, our society is still in great need of emotional intelligence awareness and understanding.

It is also exciting to watch students who at first, questioned every creative drawing instruction with “is it ok if I…..”, now enthusiastically dive into personal free expression, without wondering if they are expressing themselves in a way that is ‘wrong’ – just expressing.

When I was sick for a whole week, it was heartening to hear that the students were really upset that they didn’t get yoga – and they were so sweet and welcoming when I came back – almost running in the halls (sorry school!) to see me!

The students need a signed parental permission form to attend the group, and one younger aged child who was chosen to be in this program has a family for which this can be an issue, so unfortunately, this person wasn’t able to attend.  However, this young little thing spent the last three weeks getting the parent to sign the form because he/she really wanted to attend the group, and got to join us yesterday.  What dedication at so young an age.

I just cannot get over how ready these students are for this type of information and teachings – how much they are seeking it, and then how readily they begin to apply it and use it.  It is such an honour, and also a very big responsibility, to be in this position of planting these seeds.  I am so grateful for all my teachers, past and present, who are coming through me in these teachings.

Stay tuned for further celebrations!  🙂