Gratitude Shout Outs


A big thank you of acknowledgement is extended to all my wonderful teachers who have inspired me along this journey, as well as to my benefactor Harriet Shillinglaw for her financial and emotional support, and her unwavering belief in me.


I am deeply honoured to have been blessed to train and study with so many amazing teachers.  I want to especially credit the following people for having touched my life so deeply and directly inspired my own teachings and offerings:

Todd Norian and Ann Greene

  • For the DEEP WELL of inspiration, knowledge, technique and LOVE
  • For the amazing alignment techniques and heart-centred teachings
  • For being the catalyst of my transformation by accepting and believing in me, and for introducing me to Tantric philosophy

Shasta Townsend

  • For being a lighthouse.
  • For teaching me about empowerment, boundaries, and fierce-hearted responsibility.
  • For being fun. 🙂

Iona Smith, Janna Delgada, Cheryl Crawford, and Amy Haysman

  • For showing the way for how to really treat the youth in our lives, as well as the youth within – with open arms, NON-JUDGEMENT and so much love

Susan Whalen

  • For encouraging me, guiding me towards, and mentoring me on the path to my taking the seat of the teacher.

To my first Yoga Teacher in Thailand

  • For being the first person who told me it was ok to feel so deeply
  • For meeting me where I was at.