Shannon’s Story


I am an ordinary person just like you. I am no guru, I have no magic abilities, and I am certainly not a doctor or therapist.
But I am someone who has faced (and who continues to face) my own dragons, and who is committed to travelling the path of self-growth, learning and transformation.  By coming through my own dark night of mental illness and addiction, I can relate to a lot of people’s stories, and I have a wealth of amazing tools to share.  My path to healing involved learning and using a variety of methods, instead of adhering to just one, and this is the path I offer up to others.  For me, a combination of yoga, meditation, and expressive arts healing practices, alongside individual and group talk therapy has been the most effective, successful and long lasting treatment method.  With me as your teacher and facilitator, you can trust that you will be accepted and welcomed exactly as you are; you can trust that I will hold the space for you to find the unique methods that will work best for you; and you can trust that you will be encouraged and inspired to become your own guru – your own healer.  Whether you are interested in my services purely for the physical aspects, or are keen to tap into the creative, spiritual and/or emotional healing qualities – you will feel at home with Shine offerings.  None of us are perfect – but we can shine anyway.  Come shine with me.