Children and Teens

YOGA HACKS:  Get Grounded and Stay Grounded for Life!  

Whether stressed out from tests and exams, social expectations, or typical family issues, youth now more than ever, need help learning tools to get grounded.

In these student-centered classes or workshop (catered to young adults, teens, tweens, or children 8+), participants learn simple, quick, easy to use yoga hacks (yoga breaths, meditations, and easy poses) to:  1)improve study and test taking skills; 2)calm anxiety, soothe depression, and transform anger; 3)deal with sleep/energy issues; and 4) improve relationships with others.

Classes use the Grounded Yoga System, and aim to empower students to accept and believe in themselves, and to develop the courage to express their true, authentic selves.


1.5-2  hrs:  $150 per private group (no minimum or maximum)

Or 4, one-hour sessions for $400

Includes hand-outs for all participants

Required materials:  none

Ideally, but not required:  enough wall space for participants to lean up against