Tibetan Singing Bowl Services



Enter a world of vibration and sensation with Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapeutic sessions and experience deep peace, healing and meditative rest. 



at White Willow Studio in Wingham and

at OUR SOUL CENTRE in Goderich

Please contact each centre for pricing information.


2 Styles of Private Sessions are offered:

SoundBath – The receiver (while still fully clothed) lies on their back and the bowls are placed and played beside and around the body.  

Massage – The receiver (while still fully clothed) is guided through lying on their back, sides and belly; while the bowls are placed and played directly on specific parts of the body;  Providing an even deeper experience of the vibrations.


Both styles provide the sounds and vibrations to soothe you into a deep meditative resting space, where all you have to do is show up and allow the sounds to work their magic!




I came into my session in an extreme “mummy” rush, but I am leaving a whole new person, I feel like the most relaxed “Blob”, like I’ve slept for 25 hours. I feel like I can face anything that’s thrown at me, I’m relaxed, ready & focused ~ K.T. Goderich, On FB_IMG_1491898255052

I found this session to be deeply relaxing & therapeutic. The sound vibrations seem to seep through the big muscles of the body (ie. hips, thighs) and bring a level of relaxation not found in regular massage ~ Finola M. Goderich Ont. 


My singing bowl massage with Shannon was deeply enjoyed, truly relaxing and a great effective way to watch thoughts go by. As you focus back to the sound you easily just observe. ~ Jackie Dickson

I had a very relaxing and comforting session. Shannon is very talented! It seemed I was surrounded at various points with additional singing bowls and I experienced a very natural feeling of energy flowing. ~ Connie H.H.

I loved the session! Deep relaxation with swirls of energy around me. ~ Jeanette, Clinton Ont.

Very soothing, the sounds and vibrations felt very healing, waves of ripples mended my aura, even physical areas on the body. Felt clean and grounded. Loved the shake! ~ S. Brushett Goderich

A true gift and blessing to receive! Wow!! This session is phenomenally wonderful! Shannon is gentle & pays close attention to every detail of your peace, relaxation & posture! Feel the vibrations deeply rising through each direction of the body relaxing & soothing every muscle & tendon, bringing a true sense of peace! The subtle vibrations of the bowls linger deep in the essence of the body; healing at the deepest levels (molecules)  bringing a sense of wonder, uplifting, reviving and powerfully grounding.  100% recommending this session to each and every person to experience for their own healing! C. Brushett Goderich FB_IMG_1489654366138